Simplify - this is my word for 2010 – an oxymoron really. Just when I attempt to cut back, I add something new: “word for the year”! But it is time to get rid of the stress, the clutter, the irrelevant, all clamoring for my attention. It is time to focus, the whole concept behind “word for the year”. It is time to focus on simpler, less complicated, just plain less. It is time to sit back & spend time just enjoying God’s wonderful creation as demonstrated in nature and humanity. It is time to MAKE time for what is important and in order to do that, I must de-clutter my days, my environment, my mind. 2010 is the time!


Katie Pertiet
Charmed No. 01
Stitching Holes Brushes and Stamps
Farm Fresh Collection

Anna Aspnes
Summer Bliss Elements
Year 2010 No. 01 BrushSet

Ali Edwards
Everyday Twill

Rob & Bob Studios
Sanctuary Alphabet

Pattie Knox
Staple Its! No. 02

Comic Sans