Fantastic items in the 3 kits/ 3 ways challenge. You should check it out on the blog. Here is my take...

Whenever I take a picture of
someone other than you
(which frankly isn’t all that
often), you immediately
start “huffing” from across
the room, stop whatever
you are doing, and run
to me. Then you look up at
me and say “CHEEZ”. It is
almost as if I am cheating
on you if I take somebody
else’s picture. I am quite
certain that my relentless
behavior of photographing
almost your every move has
nothing to do with it.
Regardless I LOVE it. You are a photographer/scrapbooker mama’s dream come true.
This is the view that I have
and it truly makes my
heart melt. YOU make
my heart melt! And you
know what...this has
nothing to do with
any of my hobbies.


K. Pertiet
Little Prince Kit
Define Clippings #2
Hinge Pack
Notebook Paper Pack No. 04
Little Circus Mega Kit
Stacked Postage Frames
Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Around Words #4
Little Red Letters

P. Knox Shimmer Me Tidbits: Splattered
Little Folded Ribbon Bits No. 02
Fasten Its!

A. Aspnes Stitched by Anna White No. 01

Cathy Z. Page Frames (THIS)

Lynn G. Worn alphabet No. 01

Thank you for looking!