I am so pleased to have completed this project! Wow! 52 weeks of photo, and I'm so glad I stuck with it.

What I Learned
- I understand the D60 a lot better
- Using the white balance more effectively
- 3 focus points are not enough
- Slowly getting a grip on exposure compensation
- Composition – it’s better if you get it in the camera, but usually salvageable if not.
- Creative processing can salvage crappy shots - and it’s fun!
- Faster and more effective processing

- Understanding the D60
- Nice to have a record of 2009
- Photographed things I wouldn’t normally, some successful, some not
- Speeded up processing
- Discipline of shooting everyday
- Discipline of getting my shots up on the blog and onto Flickr
- The constant learning process
- Meeting fellow photographers IRL and on the Web

- I still don’t feel like I’m getting the “art” of photography
- Time needed to shoot, process, blog and annotate
- Seriously cut down on my non-P365 scrapping time

Plans for 2010
- Shoot every day as much as possible
- Steady progress on my Kent project
- Finish the D60 Magic Lantern DVDs
- Participate in two photography workshops
- Participate in as many CVPS Photowalks and critiques as possible
- Getting shots I’m proud to post in appropriate Flickr groups
- Get closer to the sublime I recognize in the works of others, and every once in a while, in my own

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