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Angus, there is a saying you need to learn the meaning of ... quickly. It is, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” What does that mean? Well, for you, it means that you can’t dig in the garden, you can’t run up and down the mudpath by the fence, and you can’t roll around in the leaves, mud and grass with impunity. At some point, you must cross the threshold to the inside, and all the mud, filth and debris must remain outside. So if you insist in pursuing “dirty doggie delights” in the backyard, I will insist on baths when you come in. And, with tan carpeting throughout the house, that, dear dog, is non-negotiable. Sorry, bud.

Stitched Alpha 1a, Stitched Circles White -- Anna Aspnes
Spot Dots No. 11, Catch a Rainbow,
Web Papers 102107 -- Katie Pertiet
Ruff N Ready -- Pattie Knox
RWC1 Template -- Cathy Zielske