Part 2 of the week 1 homework for Cathy Zielske's DYI class. The idea here was to make a two-page 8.5" x 11" layout, but since I want to put this into my 2009 Christmas book, I copied the templates onto 12" x 12" pages.

This is the left page of a two-page layout. Journaling is on the other page.

I don't mind telling you guys that these pages are a struggle for me, what with the whole no element thing and all. It's not like Cathy said to not use elements; I'm just trying something new. However, while putting this particular layout together, I sometimes felt like I was living in one of those scary stories that kids tell around campfires, the story where someone's hand has a mind of its own. I'd be sitting at my computer, and my right hand was constantly trying to click and drag elements onto the layout, while I was constantly trying to fight it. Anybody watching me would have seen my left hand grabbing my right hand and would have heard me muttering under my breath, "Must. Fight. The. Urge!"

But man oh man--typing up the credits is a breeze! Smile

Note added later: the picture in this layout is the scanned cover for Sara McLachlan's Wintersong CD.

It wasn't until I posted the two pages side-by-side that I noticed the placement of the title on bottom of the left page sort of blows the whole symmetry thing for the two pages. Any suggestions?

Note added later: I took Linda's suggestion and moved the title to the upper left corner of the main picture. Thanks, Linda! Smile

Credits (for both pages)
Jesse Edwards
The Traditionalist Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Classic Embossed Cardstock: Christmas
Christmas Memories Collection

Cathy Zielske
Templates, from her Design Your Life Class (right page slightly altered)

Thanks for looking!