One of my favorite things about West Texas is the return of the barn swallows each spring and the Canadian gees each winter. I have new appreciation for anyone who's a wildlife photographer after crouching for hours trying to get a good shot of the nest and the anxious parents.

Thank you for looking.

Journaling: Spring is synonymous with new life. The new life that surrounds us each spring in West Texas is a family of barn swallows which makes its nest under the eave of our front porch. I spend countless hours crouching by the nest, camera in hand, to capture each stage in the quickly changing lives of the baby swallows. Within the span of a few weeks, they move from helpless nestlings to skiddish fledglings exploring new territory to young adults ready to migrate to their next stop. This year, there were five babes in the nest, only four of which successfully fledged. I was blessed to capture their journey, and I hope to do so again when they return next year to our front porch.

Bird SilhouettesNo. 1 and No. 2, Classic Cardstock Autumn Ice,Classic Cardstock Verdant Arbor (recolored) -- Katie Pertiet
Sanctuary Alpha -- Rob and Bob Studios
Watercolor Paper -- Mary Ann Wise
W1S2 Template (Design Your Life Class) -- Cathy Zielske