I'm adding to the bunch of 365's in the gallery at the moment - this is only my 8th week, and now I have a dilemma about getting the book printed as in my mind it should start on Jan 1 not randomly on Nov 8 - so we'll just have to see how I tackle that one next year eh?!!

27. On Sunday we ventured over to Fraser Island with Mum and Dad, the kids and Brian and Jen. This shot is at Lake Mackenzie, it’s beautiful there, but we didn’t have the time to stay long, Brian managed a quick dip in the fresh water. 28. My Tiffany & Co. pendant (which was a Christmas present) tarnished badly after wearing it all day. 29. Hayden and I went to the movies together, the story adaptation from book to film was interesting and beautifully done. More importantly though, we had a great time together. I love going to the movies with my boy. 30. Mmmmm, Lindt balls, white Lindt balls. 31. The girls are all together again! What a way to end the year, with my beautiful friends, Jells, Ra, Prue and Ang. What a year!
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