13. Georgia is fascinated with the tree and the deca-rashions, she is helping to add some more gold . 14. Georgia’s artwork from daycare, they are doing a lot of Christmas themed art. 15. Hayden went to Mema’s house to make some gingerbread. Mema had all the ingredients ready to go. Making gingerbread is one of our favourite Christmas traditions. 16. The next day the masterpiece was complete! This is the fruits of their labour, an amazing gingerbread house for Christmas day. 17. Last day of work for 2009. 18. We took Prue, Braith and Zali out on the boat for the Christmas lights cruise. We stopped at The Bridge Seafoods for dinner. 19. Erin doing ‘grab’ on the wakeboard. Cec and Joorj joined us on the boat for a day of fun.
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