These pages are inspired by Kayleigh's beautiful Sweet Girl page.

Katie Pertiet-
Negative Sleeves No. 02
Little Snips Alphabet: Blue recolored
Basic Paper Alphabet: White
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
Mega Tag Pack
Ali Edwards-
Grid No. 01 Layered Templates
Text Frames: Baby 12x12
Remember Sentiment Stacks
Love Word Art
Anna Aspnes-
Stitched by Anna White No. 02
Mindy Teresawa-
The Love Bandit Kit
The Love Bandit Solids Paper Pack

Journaling: I knew beforehand that Alyssa and Daniel would not be able to visit us in the hospital when Anna was born. I was disappointed but understood the precautions due to H1N1. Garry and I talked it over and I asked my midwife about the possibility of being discharged shortly after the birth. She said that as long as things went well she would be fine with me going home, but Anna’s pediatrician might have a problem with it.
Everything went well during her birth, the midwives OK’d my discharge during their morning rounds and Anna was cleared to go in the afternoon when the pediatrician stopped by. There were a few hiccups with the newborn screening tests that had to be completed, but we were finally able to leave around 7:30 that night. As we left the hospital, I called the kids to tell them “Here comes Anna Claus!”
They were able to meet their new sister on the day she was born, right before bed time.

Font: LD String Bean and CK Ali's Hand