Okay, you all are going to think I don't have a life!

I read so many comments about getting burned out and falling behind, and I am such a terrible procrastinator!! I REALLY want a record of next year.
So in my odd moments during the past few weeks, I made all my templates for 2010. Most of them began as existing templates; almost all of them ended up really changed.
I decided I wanted every month to be different, and I wanted the facing pages to match. So to make it fit, a couple of my “weeks” are 8+ days long, and several are only 3-5 days. I added a few extra pages in some months to balance stuff out, for things like holidays and trips. Most months have something small that changes on each page, like a different stamp from one set.
It might be a bit strange, but I like how it goes together. And now all I have to do is drop in photos and write a few words. No planning, no designing . . . I SHOULD be able to do this now. (hopefully!)

I’ll post credits when I post pages.
Thanks for looking!!!!