I am surrounded by electronic devices. I don’t even know what some of them are. OK, so my husband and son are technophiles, and I certainly own my share of these things, but this is ridiculous! What kind of home is this?
This Christmas, I was struck by the number of electronic devices that seemed to be exchanged as gifts in our family, and then I started thinking about how many electronic devices we already had. So I quickly went around the house and snapped some photos of anything electronic that I saw. This is not all there is, by any means! No wonder no one in this house knows what to do when the power goes out!
Anna Aspnes: Color Challenge Paper 3/09.
Pattie Knox: Acrylics and Flower Brads from Chat Freebie Template.
Katie Pertiet: Joulunaika Rub-ons, Heartstrings Epoxy.
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