This is a shot of my 1 yr old niece, Farah. Thanks for looking! Smile
Sweet Farah, you did such a wonderful job keeping up with the big kids all weekend long! I loved watching you play and interact with everybody! Your naps were few and far between and your nights were restless. After a hard day of play, you fell peacefully asleep in your mother’s arms. May tonight be silent so you can catch up on your sleep! I love you! ~ Dec. 19, 2009

Katie Pertiet:
Drop Shadow Action Set
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
i Look Up Elements
Word Strip Labels No 2
FA La La Paper Pack
Letter Box Christmas Overlays No 2
Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Tied Fasteners No. 03
Fabulous Layered Template
Friends No. 03 Layered Template
Defining Christmas Brushes and Stamps

Anna Aspnes:
CurvyCorners Stitched Borders No. 01 12 X 12

Font: American Typewriter