Journaling says:
Nothing tickled your funny bone when you were just about 2-3 months old like the two little critters on your tummy time mat. The mat was made to look like a surf board, and had a little orange pillow for you to prop yourself up on. Right in front of you there were several colorful things to attract your attention, but when your eyes found the two little critters in the middle, a starfish and a crab together, they just lit up with joy! Some of your very first smiles were when I first placed you on this tummy time mat. You were always very good at holding up your head with your strong neck, but at first you couldn’t do much else. Then you saw those little friends of yours, and what a joy it was each time after that. Later on, they even brought out some of your first giggles! It was such a joy for me to watch you have such pleasure from something so simple! I hope you stay that way! Now we even take those two little critters along when we go places, just to keep you happy! - December 21, 2009

I had a hard time with this one for a couple of reasons. The colors in the picture are so bright I wanted the backgrounds to work with them. Also, I didn't know what to do with the upper right corner of the LO. I wanted to get this story written though so I have something to remember this by when my son, Nathan, is older.

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