The colors were inspired by some Christmas dish towels and napkins I bought at Target - oatmeal, gray and red.

It started snowing friday afternoon around 4 and continued through the night and all day Saturday. By 3 Pm we had 18 in and it was still coming down. I made a big breakfast and then David braved the elements to hike down to fill the feeders. The birds were very happy to see him! Maddie wanted to play in it so bad, but it was really hard for her to move around in. She discovered she could walk all the way around the house if she stayed under the porch. She loves the cold but her bones are too old to take much of it. I know how she feels. Later in the day I baked some pumpkin bread and we made tomato soup and cheese toast for dinner.

Days of December Layered Template Set No. 02
Sacked Solids: Neutrals Paper Pack
Joyous Memories Layered Template(snow overlay)
Brown Blanket stitch

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