Bryce Elizabeth
I just knew I was going to have the absolute coolest photo this week. We were able to make the
drive out to Multnomah Falls when it was frozen. Not something I had seen before, except on the news.
And that doesn’t count. We weren’t the only ones that had seen it on the news. There were alot of people
who made the drive out into the Columbia Gorge that weekday. Good timing. The next day we were hit
with arctic air and freezing rain. The highway past Multnomah Falls was closed, stranding many truckers
trying to make deliveries for Christmas. The only delivery on my mind was my daughter-in-law’s
delivery. She was overdue, had been laboring off and on for a week, and had been told that morning
that she would have her baby girl that night. Be at the hospital by six. The bad weather was supposed to
wait. But it didn’t. She was supposed to go into surgery at 8:00 that evening, and by 9:15 we still hadn’t heard
anything. I think it’s harder waiting than having the baby. I really do. But shortly after that we got a call that
our newest little, or not so little, grandchild had made her debut at 9 pounds 6 ounces and 22 inches.
Ready for pre-school. But, due to the swine flu epidemic ( I like to call it...pig plague), no visitors are
allowed into maternity. None. So, we were patient a little longer and finally met our grand-daughter a
few days later. Amazing little creatures, newborns. You can already tell she’s going to look like her
beautiful mama. Her big sister, Sydney, looks like her daddy. Sydney wants to take Bryce for walks.
Before you know it, she will be. She will be a good big sister. And Bryce will be a good little sister.
And they will be friends. And they won’t be friends. And they will be friends again. And they will
laugh together and cry together. And laugh so hard they cry. And they will share lifetimes of
experiences together. And they will always be sisters. And they will always have each other. Because
they are sisters. They are Newby sisters. And that’s forever. And once upon a time ever after.
And I DO have the absolute coolest photo. Don’t I?

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