Simply Inspired Contest No. 23

Feels like I've been away from this site forever, but in truth it's probably been more like 4 or 5 days. 'Tis the season for making memories and not enough time to scrap them! Smile Seriously, I'm still going to be posting Christmas layouts in February! This particular layout isn't even a holiday themed one (she says, stating the obvious!), just an idea I had rattling around in my head that became more clear after I saw the poster for the Simply Inspired No. 23 Contest. I quite liked the doily in that poster, as well as the sewing theme, so I started there...

My grams used to keep sewing journals. More like sewing scrapbooks, I suppose. They contained things like snips of fabric, pictures of clothing, and samples of stitches--she'd sew the stitch onto a piece of fabric and then tape the fabric into her journal. They also contained samples of techniques, like how to sew a button hole or how to make a dart. For example, on the right page of the bottom journal, the text reads, "The wrong way to make a dart" and "The right way," with these captions being under examples of the wrong way and the right way (again, stating the obvious! Smile ).

To make this layout, I scanned in some pages from Grammy's journals and copied them onto Katie's Vintage Journals No. 03. Then, because I am who I am--a person who was clearly frightened by empty space as a small child--I added lots more things to the page. Smile

Everything is DD except for those things scanned in by me. I couldn't find any sewing needles on the DD site, so I attempted to make some of my own, by starting with a stick pin that had a small tag on it from the Letter Box Seamstress kit, then erasing the tag and using the clone stamp function to put back the part of the stick pin that got erased in that process. After all that I think they still just look like stick pins and not needles, but oh well...Oh yea, I used Katie's fabric swatch brushes on fabric samples in my gram's journals, so if you see any "paper" you don't recognize, that's why. With the exception of one bit of journaling that I added ("Grammy Sheffield's Sewing Journals 1950"), the rest of the handwriting on this layout is my gram's.

Now, I'm off to check out 4-5 days of layouts in the gallery. This may take a while...


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