Scene: An ordinary family dinner, sometime in December, 1984. A manger scene is set up near the table. HEATHER, 3, sits in her red booster seat; MATTHEW, 10 months, is in his green high chair.

HEATHER: Mom, who is Ollie Fateful?

MOM: I don’t know who he is. Where did you hear about him?

HEATHER: You know, in that song. (she sings) Oh, come, Ollie Fateful.

MOM and DAD laugh.

MOM: So who do you think he is?

HEATHER: (Climbs from her chair, runs to the manger scene, and picks up the figure of the black wiseman.) Here he is! Here is Ollie Fateful!


Modern #20

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Messy Stitches No. 02

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Cut Ups: Christmas

Holiday Trees No. 07 Brushes and Stamps

Together Layered Template Book (altered a lot)

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