Every year I search for the perfect cutout cookie recipe and every year I’m disappointed in the results. This year was no different. I tried the Spur Sugar Cookie recipe from They were great at keeping their shape but not a lot of flavor due to being made only with shortening not butter. Oh well, there’s always next year! Earlier in the week, Luda had called to say tthat Holli would be in town doing facials so I took a break from baking to head to Nordstrom’s for some pampering. I just love spending time with those two and my skin just glows afterwards. Of course, I always end up spending waaaay too much money on the new stuff. Oh well, Merry Christmas to Me!

Days of December Layered Template Set No. 02
Capped: Holidays
Cut Ups: Christmas
2 Celebrate Paper Pack
Classic Embossed Cardstock: Christmas
Classic Cardstock: Christmas

Single Stitch