I took my grandson Cooper to his very first visit with Santa. Macy's was having a Make A Wish fundraiser and had the Santa that was in their Thanksgiving Parade. This guy was good. Cooper was very serious and told Santa he wanted a turtle. But, the funniest part was that I had sent him echogirl's (Doris) DD NSBR Chit Chat thread "Get on Santa's List" which Cooper checks everyday. So, when Santa asked if he was "nice" Cooper was like "What?" "I'm on your list." "I check it!" I had to remind Santa about the internet list and he was such a good actor that he responded perfectly.

Katie Pertiet: Make A Snow Globe; Classic Cardstock-Christmas; Joyous Memories Layered Template.

Michelle Martin: Emery Kit (bows and ribbons).

Anna Aspnes: Magic Sparkles 2.