I didn’t always have mountains around me growing up. They’re pretty cool. When my daughter got
married and we brought a photographer up to Oregon from Texas he wanted to include a photo of
this mountain in their wedding coverage in the worst way. It didn’t happen, only because we couldn’t
fit an extra 3 or 4 hours into the day. Mountains make me think of stability. They are just big and
there and they change only if there is snow or no snow. Unless you talk about Mt. Saint Helens, which
we can see from our house (although not as easily as we used to be able to). Mt. Saint Helens blew
up on May 18, 1980. If you lived here then, you remember the date. And I worked for an insurance
company at the time. In Claims. Including property claims. I remember the date. I also remember driving
40 minutes to my in-laws to help my mother-in-law plant her garden on their farm that morning. I had
that erupting volcano in my rear view mirror all the way there, and then we were able to watch it as we
planted the garden. So I guess mountains don’t always make you think of stability. But they are
majestic. I would love to see the Rocky Mountains some day other than from a plane. It’s impressive,
though, when you fly into Portland, Oregon and you can see the mountain. Because it is right
there. And speaking of seeing the mountain...they say if you can see Mt. Hood it’s going to rain. If
you can’t see Mt. Hood it’s already raining. Okay. Weak Oregon weather joke. We live in what is
called The Ring of Fire. Lots of volcanoes, active and inactive and dormant. My daughter-in-law
feels like an active volcano right now. (Insert pregnant pause here.) She was due last week with her
second child. Doctor says it’s a not-so-little baby girl (9 plus pounds). Pretty sure there is an eruption in
our near future. I hope it’s real soon. I can see the mountain. The weather is going to change.

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