This is my baby, he is 22 almost 23(Dec 17th) and he is an awesome young man. Journaling:
I don't think you realize how much I admire your strength and maturity. Your love of your family is remarkable for a young man your age! Your love and protectiveness of me, your moma is untouchable! I don't think I tell you enough, "Thankyou" for all you do for meand how the thought of you not needing me is one of my worst nightmares. Time gets closer to the day I know you will start your own separate life and selfishly that scares me too. But, I will face that day with as much grace as possible and until then, try to make sure you know : YOU ARE MY HERO!

Inspired by the stitching in the Simply Inspired! I do LOVE anything stitched. I just love the way it looks on a layout!

Fabulous Layered Template(slightly altered)
Roughed up Alpha Flourished Red

Ripped and Stitched No 2

Cassie Tutorial Fab Photo Clusters(worked exactly same with this template)