3 Kits 3 Ways

Finally finishing up my Thanksgiving pages. I think I'll do a "Weeks of December" instead of "Days of December," so that I can get caught up. Hmmm, maybe I'll just do a "Month of December"... Smile

This is the right page of a two-page layout (left page is here, describing what could have been a Thanksgiving disaster. I don't think I can overstate just how crazy my family is for these cookies. Seriously, the cats could have eaten the turkey and it wouldn't have been as bad as not having these cookies!

I learned several things while putting these two pages together. Two lessons in particular that stand out to me are: (1) I need to learn to take better food pictures; (2) the real reason that people don't use lots of elements on their pages is 'cause it takes for freakin' EVER to type up the credits!

Credits are on the other (left) page. Long journaling to follow. Perhaps you'd like to get a cup of coffee and get cozy before you start reading... Smile

Journaling reads:

" 'Gee!' he said with just a touch of sarcasm, "Who could have predicted that it would be hard to find something with a name like 'pumpkin pie spice' on the night before Thanksgiving?" Certainly not I! I mean,seriously, who doesn't have pumpkin pie spice at Thanksgiving? Oh! Wait! I didn't, which is why Peter found himself trying to track some down at 10:00 p.m. on the eve of Thanksgiving.

The story is this...

I generally do the holiday shopping several days ahead, so that when the time comes to start the cooking, I'm all ready to go. I had spent most of the day before Thanksgiving doing the baking and had already finished 3 pies and one batch of cookies. One more batch of cookies to go and I’d be all finished. However, these weren’t just any cookies. These were Frosted Pumpkin Drops, the family favorite, the grand tradition, the expected finale to the feast, and quite possibly the best cookies ever ever. My family is truly nutso about these cookies--well and truly nutso. Without these cookies, it wouldn't matter how moist the roasted turkey, how flavorful the stuffing, how light and fluffy the pumpkin pie. Without these cookies, Thanksgiving might as well be just another Sunday family dinner. Without these cookies, I was in for weeks of reprimands. Not making them--not an option. Recipe substitutions--don't even think about it! The recipe calls for pumpkin pie spice, and horror of horrors, there was a jar in the pantry, but it was nearly empty!!!! Now, normally I'm not a put-the-empty-milk-carton-back-in-the-refrigerator kind of girl, and yet that must be exactly what I did with this jar. Yes, yes, there really is no such spice as 'pumpkin pie spice,' and I could have probably cobbled something together out of the many spices that I did have in my pantry, but this cookie recipe calls for pumpkin pie spice, and I have learned that where my family and these cookies are concerned, don't mess with success. So off went my loving husband, at 10:00 p.m. on the night before Thanksgiving, to buy some pumpkin pie spice, neither one of us imagining that he wouldn't be able to find it. Seriously, I ask it again--who doesn't have pumpkin pie spice so close to Thanksgiving? Why, that's like running out of green beans and onion rings! That's like running out of herbed stuffing mix! Then I remember--oh yeah, I don't have it, which is why we're in the fix we're in. Three stores, one loooong line and 45 minutes later, he returned triumphant and only a tiny bit annoyed. The cookies got made, the rest of the dinner was a rousing success, and we had our traditional grand finale. Whew!

Note to self: Next year, actually open the jar and look inside before you do the shopping!"