Journalling reads:
"And there you were. . . just like that. It couldn’t have been more than 20m from the edge of the forest and the little village where we spent a few minutes recovering from our 2hr trek across the hills. Sure . . . you put on a show, slapping your chest and baring your massive teeth. But that’s all it turned out to be . . . a show. It was amazing how quickly you trusted us to sit with your family . . close enough for your children to kick us playfully in the back. They rolled around on the forest floor, tumbling and playing just like our children do . . . one of endless similarities between you and us . . .

They said we mustn’t look you in the eyes . . . but when you sat beside me and stared towards me, how could I not ? After a while you moved and my heart stopped. You rolled forward and turned towards me on all fours, pausing slightly before charging off into the forest.

The bump of your shoulder into mine was ever ... so gentle.

Credits - all Designer Digitals

Gretchen Thomas
Back paper - Cantina Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet
Green paper - Magnolia Kit
Digitally Pressed Petals No. 02
Digitally Pressed Petals No. 06
bow - Scruffy Kit
3-photo challenge 8209


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