Ever few years or so I put up a white Christmas tree. It reminds me of when I was a child. My Grandmother would put up a white tree (it was our back up) whenever my uncle couldn’t make it home in time to go out to our land and cut us a Christmas tree.
And now my kids enjoy putting up a white tree. My DS and I were shopping for food for Thanksgiving and he saw some black and silver ornaments and that was it…back to the white tree this year. Now I need someone to tell me how do I photograph a white tree with white lights. All my photos of the tree with the lights “ON” look horrible.

Inspiration iTunes challenge and Kathie02 man I wish my photography and scrapping were half as good as Kathie's.



Dark Textured Neutrals Paperie No. 01

Magic Sparkles No. 02 BrushSet

StraightLine Stitch Red No. 01


Holiday Word Art


Holiday Trees No. 03 Brushes and Stamps