Simply Inspired Contest No. 22

Missed the deadline for this contest (darn that time difference between the east and west coasts!), but since I was inspired by it, thought I'd file my layout here anyway. Smile

To explain this layout, I must first explain that I am a science geek--I work in a research lab. (Wait--did I just hear someone say, "Well, that explains a lot!"?) As part of the job, we are called upon to present our research to the other members of the group, and often these presentations involve PowerPoint slides. I was sitting in such a meeting today, looking at someone's slides and thinking how a few good scrapbooking touches--starting with a catchy title--would really perk up the presentation. Smile My next thought was that I am spending waaaay too much time thinking about scrapbooking, but my next thought was about how I would actually go about scrapping my own research for a PowerPoint slide! (Seriously, I think I need an intervention...) The conflation of my work with scrapbooking is not such a stretch (really!)--in my field, when we talk of writing a paper about our work we say we are telling a story. Scrapbook layouts tell stories; this layout tells the story of my current research project, complete with actual data and graphs from my own notebooks. The bullet points often used in PowerPoint slides reminded me of the Simply Inspired No. 22 challenge, so after Cassie's Random Inspiration chat tonight, I put this together. I chose a stark white background so as to mimic a "real" slide, and the red swirlies are supposed to be the laser pointer people use to highlight portions of their slides. (If you've seen such a presentation, you know that some people get a little carried away with the laser pointer!)

All of the doo-dads on the layout that aren't DD are mine--my glasses, pen and blender, my graphs and such from my own research notebooks. The "Famous Science Journal" is a scan of a real science journal which I then tinkered with.

I suspect that my hubris for the slide title and the last two bullet points are going to get me smacked down hard by the fates.

Oh, and no, I don't think I'll be presenting this at my next group meeting...


Katie Pertiet
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Pattie Knox
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Cassie Jones
LIAO No. 09: Blending In and Standing Out (for getting my own notebook pages onto Katie's vintage journal)
LIAO No. 03: Custom Stickers and Clever Layering (for making a sticker out of the colored protein model)
LIAO N0. 04: Extractions with Dimension (for adding shadows)