5. November clouds from the upper deck. 6. Frosted ornamental grass in the morning. In order to get any light at all, I have to shoot in the morning before work. Kind of limits the outdoor stuff. 7. Photowalk with CVPS on Brandywine Creek, below the falls. A little too sunny for landscapes, but nice reflections and light shade for macros. 8. I like this one - the sun setting over the back paddocks at Promise Land. 9. One of some letterpress horse prints I found at Yankee Peddler a few years ago. I like the contrast of the crisp black ink pressed into creamy white paper. 10. Grumpyland, where I waste good shooting hours (someone has a little problem with short days!). 11. One of the last trees to lose its leaves.

Katie Pertiet 9/20/09 Color Challenge pp. Font is Georgia.