~ Rec’d a few cell phone photos from my dd of their first Christmas tree. Wanted to share a few of my holiday hopes as they start to create their own traditions. tfl ~
Christmas 2009 - This is your first Christmas as a newly married couple. And, fitting that you should have a new tree. So, here it is - tall, but slender, and lots of twinkling lights! This is a good choice for now. As you move about and have a family I’m sure this tree will play second to a larger, much more appropriate tree. Even so, as you begin your life together, I hope that this tree will be the start of many happy memories and traditions for you. I also hope you will never have a whole strand of lights go out because of one bulb. But, if you do, I hope you can find the bulb. I hope you will always have an extra fuse. I hope you will never realize that it’s crooked after you have all the ornaments on. I hope that it never falls over, while in the stand, in the middle of the night. I hope you never have to take the vacuum apart because tinsel got picked up “accidentally”. I hope you pack all the glass ornaments when you have babies. I hope you never have a cat that tries to climb up the middle of it, or bat at the ornaments and carry them off around the house. I hope you always have a beautiful angel for a topper. I hope that when you are putting it away for the season you find ornaments that had fallen off because the dog’s tail hit it while waiting for a stocking. I hope that the memories bring a smile to your face. I hope you always leave it up past New Year’s as a reminder to live like it’s Christmas year round. But, most of all, I hope that as you carefully pack each ornament, old and new, you will be reminded of the reason we celebrate and that the memories we share will stay in your heart forever. I love you both. Merry Christmas!

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