So, I took today (Wednesday) off from work so that I could get ready for Thanksgiving. However, was my first thought upon waking up about the pies I need to bake? Noooooo! My first thought was, "Ohhhh! I'll bet a touch of red is just what this layout needs!" Seriously, we could be eating bologna sandwiches on Thursday if I don't find the strength to walk away from my computer right now. Smile

The story behind the picture: I participated in Cassie's recent photo clusters chat and I came flying in late, so I just grabbed the first picture that my mouse landed on, a picture from our Costa Rica vacation that I wasn't really planning on ever using. This photo would not have been my first choice for the chat if I'd had time to think about it, but after working with the layout a bit, I think it turned out half-way okay. I really just wanted to practice all of the cool new tricks I learned from Cassie. (Plus, I have to say that one of my favorite all-time views is that of the ears of a horse as seen from a saddle. Besides digital scrapping, there's nothing quite like horseback riding for regaining your center.) During the actual chat, I had some difficulty trying to place the photo in such a way that I didn't lop off the horsie's ears, but then I remembered that Cassie has another tutorial on extractions. Smile She also has one on recoloring, which I used to put the color back on the rope in the b/w layer. So, I suppose the real purpose of this layout is that it is a sort of sampler of techniques.

Cassie, have I mentioned how much I love all of your tutorials?

Now, about those Thanksgiving pies...


Anna Aspnes
Club Caribe Paperie
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Stitched by Anna No. 01 White (recolored)
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Cassie Jones
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Katie Pertiet
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Font: Satisfaction (I've been looking for a good cursive font and saw this one on several of oldvwblues's layouts--thanks for saying what font you used!)