Just another picture from my finally-getting-done Costa Rica vacation book.

Still need to work on selectively brightening specific areas of a photo, but with the help of Cassie's How'd They Do That? No. 17: PSE Layer Masks tutorial, I was able to somewhat lighten our faces. Gotta practice some more before I print this...

To get from the town of Santa Elena to the Arenal volcano area, we worked it out so that our rental car was driven to our final destination while we took the grass-powered alternative. :-) Horseback riding was a great way to see the scenery up close and personal, and we got in some nice gallops through a forest that comes all the way down to the shores of Lake Arenal. That's my husband and I in the picture, with the Arenal volcano behind us.

"Pura Vida" literally translates as "Pure Life," but in Costa Rica, this expression is used more or less in the same way that the word "Cool!" is used--to express satisfaction or good spirits. It can also be used as a battle or rallying cry when you're about to embark on an adventure, or perhaps even a swear word, as in, "My horse is just about to jump over that really deep gully. Pura Vida!"

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