I learned when I was young that ďdeciduousĒ was the word for ďrealĒ trees. You know...trees that
turned color and lost their leaves. I was growing up in Eastern Washington at the time. Washington
State...the Evergreen State. They are talking about the trees, just in case you didnít know. So, when
we would drive to Western Oregon to visit cousins and Grandparents, it was particularly exciting in
Autumn, because their was such a vibrance of color that was exponentially more visible than at my home.
I didnít know the word exponentially at the time, but I remember the feeling, and if I had known the
word, I would have used it. I went to see my oldest son and his wife last year in October. The trip
coincided with his 10 year West Point Reunion and USMA Homecoming. And they live in Connecticut.
Something strange happens when you get older. Reality changes. And continues to. In my mind, I
was headed for the hopefully peak color of New England in Autumn. Peak color. You know. Real trees. I
donít know what the difference is between my Real Trees here in Western Oregon and the Real Trees in
Connecticut. When did MY trees stop being real? I donít know. Wish I could pinpoint that date, too.
West Point in the Fall was amazing. Connecticut in the Fall was amazing. Sleepy Hollow in the Fall....
I donít even have the words for the world of Washington Irving in the Fall. I grew up with a record
narrated by Boris Karloff that had the Tales of Sleepy Hollow. Headless Horseman and all. I wish I
still had that - I would have had it on my iPod as I photographed the Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow. I
was off peak color by about a week. But my son indulged me and the last afternoon I was there he
drove me around just looking for color in the hills and the countryside. It was beautiful. Iím home this
year for Autumn. And you know what? The trees are Real again. I guess Iíve lived long enough to
realize that Real can be wherever I want it to be. And I think Dorothy had it right...
thereís no place like home.

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