Simply Inspired Contest #21

OK, I can honestly say that I'm embarrassed to post this because it is so over the top but what the heck. The simply inspired challenge this time around is certainly a "challenge" but I had fun throwing as much "stuff" on here as possible. Thanks Deena for the wild inspiration piece!

Journaling: You LOVE to hang out in Fritz’s garage. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he always has a project going on and he always includes you. Hands
down you know more about cars than I do. Fritz owns our local Goodyear and you regularly walk
through a parking lot and point out who has Goodyear tires! On this particular day, you went to dance class and upon returning home,
you immediately headed to Fritz’s garage to work on
his lawn mower. You came back later screaming because he explained that you had put the finishing touches on it and fixed it yourself. It was
precious to see you so excited! And then you yelled “and you know what, our next project is
fixing the HARLEY”. My sweet baby girl! You were also sporting a Goodyear tattoo to go along
with your tutu! I couldn’t help but think that you were the 2008 version of Sandra Dee! I wonder
if her mom was melting when she showed up in black leather. I was but Thank God my daughter
was in a blue tutu rather than leather.

I got chills they’re multiplyin’...(sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Credits: A. Aspnes -all of the art play brushes
Distressed Edge Overlays #3
Magic Flares

K. Pertiet: Hinge Pack
Basic Border Strips #2
Spot Dot Brushes

P. Knox: Fasten Its
Color Freebie 6.14.09

the car is from

Thanks for looking & hopefully not laughing!