I'm not sure how to credit this. This is a lift (copy Smile ) of a page posted by Heather in the forum by Kinseygirl. It is a paper page and it really caught my eye. I wanted to see if I could achieve the same look digitally. I think I could have finessed the drop shadows more but I had so many layers as it was that I just didn't. Plus it took HOURS!!!! I might go back later and fiddle with them.

Katie Pertiet - Classic Curled Photo Frames,
Michelle Martin - Luisa Solids, Calida Solids
Mary Ann Wise - Happy Title - Challenge Freebie
Anna Aspens - Bright Buttons and Straight line stitched.

Sorry but I am not going to list all the papers
and other buttons, cause that would be about my entire stash except to say - Katie, Michelle, Jesse, Anna, Mindy, Lynn, Pattie, Andrea all feature. It is all DD with some recolouring.

Thanks for looking.