One of our favorite toys for Christmas was the bicycles our grandparents sent us from California. They were matching blue bicycles with the ever-so-modern banana seats. Jill and I totally loved them. These were our tickets to childhood freedom. We could ride these to visit friends or to just cruise around. We didn’t realize at the time that these toys would almost take my sister’s life a few months later. We were playing with a friend in front of our house. Since there were three of us and only two bikes, we decided to race each other on the bikes, with one person in the driveway to judge the winner. It was my turn to judge and when Jill started to make the turn into the driveway, she skidded and toppled her bike. She was immediately knocked out. Our friend and I tried to lift her up and drag her into the house to get help, but she was too heavy for us and we dropped her. It turned out that she had fractured her skull (this was before bicycle helmets) and it was touch and go the first night. Doctors were afraid her brain would swell and cause permanent damage. Thankfully, she came through okay, suffering only a small amount of permanent hearing loss. Even with that incident, we loved these bikes and kept them for years.


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