My son (in front) with his sister and cousin showing off their cabbage patch kids in 1983. He kept his doll and still has it today. His wife is amazed that he has had it so long. The journaling reads: In 1983, the hot Christmas item was the Cabbage Patch kid. Melodee and I stood in line for hours to get dolls for the girls. When I gave Shawna and Tifanee their new dolls, you started crying saying, “Where’s mine, mama?” The next day, I went out and once again stood in line to get you a doll. It wasn’t hard to find a boy doll, because everyone wanted the girl ones. I was excited to get home and give you your new “buddy”. When I gave him to you, I told you it was your buddy. You started calling him Buddy right away. Your dad was so mad at me. He said that no son of his was going to be a sissy with a doll. I told him that someday you would grow up and have a baby and it wasn’t wrong for a little boy to have a doll. Maybe that is why you are so good with babies now! Funny thing is that the girls’ dolls are long gone, and you kept Buddy through the years!


Katie Pertiet
Classic Cardstock: Autumn Ice
Alphabet Strips
Chipboard Alphabet: Black
Vintage Photo Frames No. 11

Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna Borders No. 01
Stitched by Anna White No. 03

Pattie Knox
Have a Heart Felts No. 02

striped paper: jeanelle paige
doll: paper pieced by me