So much fun on halloween this year...

Journaling reads:
Halloween this year was so much fun. Falling on a Saturday, we had a whole day to find stuff to do. In the morning, we walked over to the grand opening of the new Harvest Fresh Market & Delicatessen . It is so nice now to have a grocery store in our own neighborhood.

In the afternoon, we gathered with neighbors and had a pumpkin carving party. Erik had fun digging out all the goop and Kristian went more refined with his Pirate face.

Trick or treating started early at 5pm. We headed out and got a start on that. We trick or treated with some of Erik’s friends from school. The boys were all scary creatures and Kristian felt compelled to shoot them whenever possible with his clone trooper gun. Kristian tired out earlier so we headed home while Jeff and Erik kept on going.

After trick or treating we all met up at a neighbors house for some good chili, soup, and fun conversation. Jeff and I even dressed up for the occasion. Yes, Buzz and Jesse made their appearance that night. It was so cute that a little 2 year old at the party actually thought Jeff was Buzz.

This Halloween had to be one of our most fun yet... Carving pumpkins, watching the boys enjoy trick or treating, and fun times with neighbors that are not just neighbors, but friends too.


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