Maybe it's just me but I seem to get a weird vibe from people when I tell them I do digital scrapbooking. So much so that I don't even tell people anymore which is weird because it is a HUGE part of who I am.

I LOVE glee. As soon as I saw the ad I knew I wanted to "Lift" it, I just didn't know in what way, until today when I went to a paper scrapping store. Shesh.

This LO is so different from what I normally do. No Katie supplies (ok one katie supply). I always gravitate towards her stuff, I don't know why? Anyways...

Journaling:Why is there a stigma towards digital scrapbooking? I find it so hard to tell people I’m a digital scrapper. I lose 50% of the people with just the word “scrapbooking” but then add digital and it’s a complete loss. I mention it at my camera club meetings and people’s eyes glaze over; I immediately lose all credibility as a photographer and Photoshop user. I put my feelers out at the local scrapbooking store and I end up listening to a 30 minute diatribe on paper vs. pixels. I complacently shake my head and say “Well this is a hybrid project” in hopes that I’m not permanently branded a loser.


Lynn Grieveson-
Breezy flower rub-ons

Anna Aspnes-
Metal Mix No1

Rob and Bob studios-
Whirly Girl sqirly frames

Katie Pertiet-
Naturally Krafty

Pattie Knox-
Shimmer my tid bits
Take a bow
Cassie Jones-
HTDT 13-bending shadows