The final clearing of corn on the property behind our neighborhood of homes was done this week. We watched when the seeds were planted in May, and fretted when it wasn’t quite “knee high by the 4th of July”. We knew it would be lost as canning corn when we had a long spelll of dry weather and cool nights in July, August, and September. Finally the rains came in late September and October along with an early frost—it was too late for the crop to be used for anything but feed corn. So
we watched this week as the harvesting went on and the stalks were
chopped—the growing season of 2009 is officially over.

Katie Pertiet
Little Bit of Grunge paper
Ledger Grid brush
Messy Stamp Alphabet 2

Anna Aspnes
MultiFoto Template page 7
FotoBlendz 1
Art Kit 8 brush
Labeled USA brush
Stitched by Anna White