For Kelly (aka mugsbigsis) and Kathie (aka Kathie02)

I have so missed these ladies' canine LOs of late! Now Angus can never replace Buddy or Hermes, but this is a nod of the cap to both these ladies and their humor! Hurry back, ladies! ;-)

Thank you for looking!

P.S. No dogs were harmed in the creating of this fable.


Once upon a time, there was a scamp of a dog named Angus. Now, Angus loved to taunt his sister, Jasmine, by taking the only bone in the castle and running around right under her nose. Though Jasmine was larger than he, his grip on the bone was sure. One day, as he was teasing her, Jasmine conceived a brilliant plan. She saw that one of the princes had left a smelly old sock lying under the royal dining table. She told Angus, “You may have the bone, for I have found a wonderfully tasty sock to satisfy me.” Now Jasmine knew that the queen of the castle would throw a royal fit if either dog ate the prince's sock. But Angus was drooling so at the thought of securing the tastier sock that he forgot about the royal wrath. Quick as lighting, Angus snatched the sock from under Jasmine’s nose. Just then, the queen arrived and, seeing the sock in Angus mouth, gave him a sound thrashing. When Angus looked for the bone, Jasmine had it firmly in her possession, never to release it again.

The moral of our tale?? NEVER PLAY WITH DIRTY SOCKS!

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