I kept a journal throughout my visit and I just wanted to make sure my "whole" story is told. I want to remember everything.

Journaling-After 4 hot and humid days in Sydney we made our way down south to Canberra. I was pretty excited about going to Canberra. Tom spent his childhood there in the family home where his brothers now reside. We arrived late at night so I didn’t get a full picture of the city until the next day.
It had been ten years since Tom had been to Australia…he had a lot of people to catch up with and lots of things to do. I decided to take the opportunity to explore the city by myself. So far the trip had been pretty overwhelming. We only had 3 days in Canberra before we headed out across the Hay plains for our 2 day road trip to Adelaide. I needed some me time and beautiful Canberra was just the place to get it.

This is the first draft of the journaling...it might change.


Katie Pertiet-
Sacked solids
Australia/New Zealand Maps Brushes and Stamps
Going away kit compass
Assorted tapes No3
Postmarked travels
Ledger overlays
Curled Notebook paper
Library cards (background paper for canberra and sydney)

Anna Aspnes-
Simple torn edges