Journaling: Attending 11 different schools (in 3 different states) before graduating from High School left me feeling like no place was home. This backyard and the house it accompanies is the closest place to home on this earth. This is my grandfather and grandmother Buice’s (Mama & Papa B’s) backyard. This is the yard I grew up in, this is the yard my dad grew up in - Jill and I played here and laughed here and got hurt here. The swing you see in the background is the swing that Papa B made for Aunt Sarah and that became mine and Jill’s in due time. Lots of swinging and singing happened within those chains. There was a wonderful Mimosa tree next to the swingset that was our favorite place to climb and perch ourselves. We would smell the flowers and play with the seed pods. They were wonderful ingredients for the many mud pies we made. This is the yard that my dog Scochie lived most of her life. Moving as much as we did was not conducive for a dog, so early in our lives; she moved here and lived until she died. When we would arrive at Mama & Papa B’s, Jill & I would run outside to greet Scochie and to bask in her love for us. I lost my first tooth in the backyard and where I later ate a popsicle bought from the icecream man with the money from the tooth fairy. This is a place I love, a place that will never change in my memory; this is a place to call home.
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