I have done several heritage pages of my grandmother because I have so many great pics. Journaling:
How - at 16 - could I know the things I would
live to see and do? Born in the last year of the 19th century, I would live well into the 21st. I would:
1. Graduate from the Univ. of Texas with a Master’s in biology in 1924.
2. Work as a graduate assistant on a world famous genetics project counting whether fruit flies had red
or white eyes.
3. See the country of my heritage (Germany) and the country of my origin (USA) suffer through two world wars.
4. Watch air flight evolve from the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the super sonic transport.
5. Live under 19 US presidents (and that’s only because FDR served 4 terms or there would be more).
6. Go from a gramophone cranked by hand to a compact disc player.
7. See the invention of the computer and watch them decrease in size from a city block to the size of my thumb.
8. Go to hear Helen Keller lecture.
9. Watch the Berlin Wall go up and later, be torn down.
10. Marry - and adopt two children; enjoy 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
I would live through great personal
pain and enjoy moments of transcendent
joy. Oh, the things I would see and
do. Oh, how I would LIVE!
Elinor Emmy (Rogers) Houston
26 Sept. 1899 - 12 Sept. 2002
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