8. Upstairs at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Thought this was interesting - a decade ago, this alcove would've been crowded with folks calling the home office. Now, one unused phone remains. A good change: no more germ phones and no more being tethered to the wall. 9. Spotted this little cutie in the Hurricane Katrina Park across from the Convention Center. 10. Came home to an Oktoberfest at the barn. The bunny was part of a kid’s petting zoo. 11. Folk art birdhouses at the Apple Butter Festival in Burton. 12. A pine cone wreath I made 20 years or more ago. 13. Safety Town in Stow - reminded me of a fairy tale village. 14. Yep, YouTube videos at Panera in Stow.

Katie Pertiet Classic Cardstock Autumn Ice. Font is Georgia.