The conclusion of our main hike in Rainier. Hopefully our other park excursions won't take quite as many pages as this one (but it did have the most glorious scenery!)

Text Reads:
Back to the Visitor Center
(opposite, from left) 1. Lilies in the final weeks of the short growing season.
2. Ann stops at the bridge over Myrtle Falls. This is a popular “short walk” destination, at only 0.5 miles from the Visitor Center.
3. Perfect timing: the first clouds of our trip start to drift over Rainier just as we finish the hike. By dinner’s end, four hours later, the entire mountain had disappeared and visibility was reduced to less than a quarter of a mile.
4. Subalpine plants near Myrtle Falls.
5. The Myrtle Falls overlook, from slightly below the main trail. What a view!

In this Project (All DD):
12 x 12 Distressed Edge Overlays, No. 3, Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz Paper "Origins 1", Anna Aspnes
Fasten-Its, Pattie Knox
Clean Clusters and Parts, No. 1, Katie Pertiet
Clean Clusters and Parts, No. 2, Katie Pertiet
From My Porch Brushes, Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty, No. 7, Katie Pertiet

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