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Journaling Reads:
To the Van trump Memorial
(this page) Winter wind and snow have allowed only the south-facing branches on this evergreen to survive.
(opposite, clockwise from left) 1. Sup-alpine blooms in Paradise Valley.
2. Jim and Sarah at our lunch stop, mile three.
3. Ann crosses Paradise Creek on the way to Slushkin Falls.
4. Dorothy and Terri follow the trail through the talus slopes.
5. While most wildflowers are at their peak in July, these Asters are late bloomers, still budding in September.
6. Along the trail, we saw a family of Hoary Marmots near their burrow.
7. All things great and small: a bright green caterpillar makes his way across the trail.
8. Andy stops for a rest at the Paradise Glacier trail junction. There’s a memorial here to P.B. Van Trump and Hazard Stevens, honoring the first recorded ascent of Mt. Rainier.
9. Looking back at the mountain — what a sight!

In this Project (All DD):
12 x 12 Distressed Edge Overlays, No. 3, Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz Paper "Origins 2", Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz True Taupe, Anna Aspnes
Fasten-Its, Pattie Knox
Clean Clusters and Parts, No. 2, Katie Pertiet

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