This is my mother, who was a stewardess (yes, they called them that in those days) for Chicago and Southern Airlines, which later merged with Delta Airlines. She flew to Memphis, New Orleans, Havana (Cuba), Kingston (Jamaica), and Caracas (Venezuela). (The list to the side of the photo list these destinations.) The journaling includes some information to pass on to my children about who their grandmother was at that point in her life and the times. I also found a wonderful map of the airline's routes, some photos of the particular planes they flew, and a matchbook cover that included the airfares for the time. (It was $290.45 for a one week all expense trip from Chicago to Jamaica! My, how times have changed!)

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly this came together, especially with Katie's "Going Away" kit and memorabilia from the internet! I like a somewhat "modern" edge to my heritage LOs.

Thank you for looking.

Glamour. That single word describes air travel in the 50s perfectly. Everyone dressed to fly -- men in business suits and ties; women in dress and jewelry. Advertisers also emphasized the glamour of the air, equating air service to the treatment given royalty. It was in this rarefied atmosphere of glamour and adventure that your grandmother, Jean Arnold, became a stewardess for Chicago and Southern Airlines. She was the epitome of
glamour herself -- crowned Maid of Cotton by Southwestern University, tall, athletic, and full of southern charm and grace. She was assigned to the airline’s southern routes which included Havana, Cuba and Caracas, Venezuela,
simply ideal for a Spanish language major. Yes, it was a glamorous time ... and your grandmother fit in perfectly.

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