I did this for the Week 2 Challenge, but it looks like I missed the deadline. Yikes! Oh well, it was still a fun page to scrap.
On our recent trip to Mt. Rainier, we encountered an awful lot of junk-food-addicted "wild"life on the popular trails. This guy in particular was relentless. . .I think he needs a 12 step program! My cousin snapped this shot right before Mr. Superchunk Squirrel dove onto someone's pack in search of the "goods". (Lesson here: Don't feed the wildlife. It's bad for them.) : )

Small text at top reads:
WANTED: In connection with several recent thefts, Mt. Rainier N.P.
Last seen leaving the scene, 09.11.09.

Text at bottom reads:
Bandit. Robber Rodent. Plain ol’ Thief. I answer to them all.
I should be out searching for nuts (Exhibit A). Instead, I'm searching you, Mr. Hiker.
When you stop for a snack, that’s when I strike.
So go ahead, set down that pack and take in the view. Enjoy your apple.
Just don’t expect to find your Snickers bar in your pack when you return (Exhibit B).
Face it: I’m that good—and your junk food just doesn’t stand a chance.

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