This is my joy boy. Since the first few months in our family (which were rough, rough, ROUGH), I cannot remember a time when he has lost his temper. He is almost unflappable ... almost. Very atypical for the rest of our family. ;-) These photos were taken at Disney, and I think they capture his sweet, gentle spirit perfectly.

Thank you for looking.

How I love your sunshiny disposition! I honestly cannot recall a time when you have been angry, truly angry! You have been upset, even frustrated, but never angry. You have such a gentle spirit about you. And it is truly a breath of fresh air. I love you, sweet boy!

Chalk rubbing brush, Little Prince Elements, Surf Shak Kit -- Katie Pertiet
My Windows Template No. 3 -- Lynn Grieveson
Frosted alpha -- Pattie Knox
Stitched by Anna, Weathered Neutrals, Torn and Tattered Template No. 3-- Anna Aspnes