Journaling: These hands have cleaned, scubbed and scoured.
They have bathed, brushed and powdered.
They have washed, ironed and folded.
They have written, drawn and painted.
They have cut, pinned and stitched.
They have planted, watered and mown.
They have chopped, stirred and baked.
The have held the leads of dogs and the reins of a horse.
They have held the hands of small children
And my father’s too (when no-one else was watching).
They have patted my shoulder and pushed me forwards.
They have slapped my legs and held me back.
They have plucked the strings of a banjo,
And they have been patiently and faithfully folded in prayer.
They have always worked to repair and build up;
I have never seen them pulling or plucking down.
These are my mother’s hands.

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