I must give credit for the LO design to roxiegirl78 who have have shamelessly imitated.

David spots a flick of motion. He signals me to be still. Up 'til now, spotting for bears and buffalo, our eyes have been focused far away.
Very slowly he lifts the camera. THe slight click of the shutter sounds incredibly loud, but this little fellow is not distracted. He is on a mission. Winter is coming and the flower seed harvest awaits. Celebrate the Small!
KraftyFramesNo2-5; LookingBack - 9 and RoughedUpAutumnMix (papers); FileCardNo2-Blank; VintageJournalSpotNo1-1; BasicPaperAlphaOrange; Branched Edger Brush; FromMyPorch brush (to make mask)
Worn-page-edges-3; worn-edges-2-5
GThomas - OCtoberRain (paper)
StitchedbyAnnaBrown; DistressedToolSet8 (on mask)