A couple more spreads and I think I'll be done with this (one) hike. At the rate I'm going (pages scrapped/per trip event), this is going to be a 90-page book! Oh well, LOL!

Journaling Reads:
Descent to the Golden Gate trail junction
(opposite, from left) 1. Ann at the end of the switchbacks going down the talus slope below Panorama Point.
2. Paradise Creek: fed from the glaciers and snow above, the creek joins Edith creek in the valley below where it becomes the Paradise River.
3. A Golden-mantled ground squirrel meets us at the Golden Gate trail junction. Judging by his girth, he was probably looking for a hiker handout!
4. A view of the Muir snowfield; the “dots” are hikers on the 2-mile trek up the snow to Camp Muir.
(right) Looking back at Rainier from the meadows southeast of Panorama Point.

In this Project (All DD):
12 x 12 Distressed Edge Overlays, No. 3, Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz Paper "Origins 1", Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz True Taupe, Anna Aspnes
Fasten-Its, Pattie Knox
Clean Clusters and Parts, No. 1, Katie Pertiet
From My Porch Brushes, Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty, No. 7, Katie Pertiet

Fonts: Interstate, Pea Jenny Script

Thanks for looking! Hope this isn't getting too repetitive! : )